This issue contain some articles about aesthetics and art criticism. “The Complete Work” (page 225), this article is about the complete/incomplete distinction with respect to works of art. An artwork is complete just I case the artist has acquired a completion disposition with respect to her work-a disposition grounded in certain cognitive mechanism to refrain from making significant changes to the work. “Conceptual Art, Ideas, and Ontology” (page 235), writer offer a new ontology of conceptual art, according to which such artworks are not ideas but artifacts imbued with ideas. Another articles are “Butter Knives and Screwdrivers: An intentionalist defense of radical constructivism” (page 247), “Upholding Standards: A Realist ontology of standard form jazz” (page 277), “What Was Abstract Art? (From the point of view of Heidegger)” (page 291), “Narrative and Character Formation” (page 303), and “Ethics and Fictive Imagining” (page 317).

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