Ada beberapa artikel yang dimuat pada edisi kali ini. All American Girls: women pin-up artists of the first half of the twentieth century (hal. 1092). Murderous Motherhood: munchausen syndrome by proxy in 1990s crime fiction (hal. 1113). “Time Can Be Rewritten”: the doctor, the book, and the database (hal. 1133). Working-Class Hero? Fighting Neoliberal Precarity in Buffy’s Sixth Season (hal. 1152). Anatomy of a Hit: friends and its sitcom legacies (hal. 1172). “It’s Called a Hustle, Sweetheart”: black lives matter, the police state, and the politics of colonizing anger in Zootopia (hal. 1190). Social Signals and Antisocial Essences: the function of evil laughter in popular culture (1214). Neoliberal Anxiety and the Post-Apocalypse in US Comic Books: an analysis of Y the last man and the private eye (hal. 1234). “I’m in the Empire Business”: markets, myth, race, and the conquest of the American West in breaking bad (hal. 1256).

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