Ada beberapa artikel yang disajikan pada edisi kali ini. Di antaranya: welcome to the peer? National identity, German belonging, and the Abercrombie & fitch brand as social imaginary in reunified Germany (hl. 1168). Telling brand tales – revealing all and covering up: the A&F brand/story (hal. 1184). “a Jack-of-all-trades”: Jack Kerouac’s fashionable practice of working-class drag (hal. 1213). Painted bodies: representing the self and reclaiming the body through tattoos (hal. 1230). Cold war Asian?American chic on TV: beauty, fashion, and the Asian/American femme (hal. 1254). Skirts for men!: Elizabeth Hawes and challenging fashion’s gender binary (hal. 1276). The fashion statements of Dazai Osamu: sartorial and literary expressions of gender in wartime Japan (hal. 1293). Behind the scarf: confronting bourgeois masculinity in Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s posters of aristide bruant (hal. 1315). The single girl gets a centerfold: the rhetorics of marketplace feminism (hal. 1336). Turkish erotic: the rise of the sex influx (hal. 1356). Transpeople in performative documentary: performances of black masculinity in tropic thunder (hal. 1400). Fashion and intolerance: misappropriation of the war bonnet and mainstream anger (hal. 1421).

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