The Journal of Popular Culture, June 2018, Vol. 51, No. 3


Edisi kali ini memuat beberapa artikel. Powering up the Technodrome: energy sustainability in the 1987 teenage mutant ninja turtles (hal. 575). “This Kindergarten Country of Ours”: Daniel Tosh’s postmodern social polotics (hal. 595). Biopolitics in the Anthropocene: on the invention of future biopolitics in snowpiercer, elysium, and interstellar (hal. 615). “Yes! No! … Maybe?”: reading the real in professional wrestling’s unreality (hal. 635). This Land Was Made for You and Me: the rise of the oppressed in George A. Romero’s land of the dead (hal. 657). Moon Over the Eastern Mountain: constructing the Han Chinesee imagination of modern Tibet (hal. 674). Sex Sells (Out): neoliberalism and erotic fan fiction (hal. 693). Posthumanism and Un-Endings: how ligotti deranges lovecraft’s cosmic horror (hal. 716). The Betwixt-and-Between: Peter Pan as a trickster figure (hal. 735). Full-Blooded Desi Romance: contemporary English-language romance novels in India (hal. 754). The Past Tense and the Future Perfect: the postmodern play of Watanabe Shin’ichiro and the possibility of the coming community (hal. 776).

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