Ada beberapa artikel yang dimuat pada edisi kali ini. Hier irrt Goethe: rediscovering the satirical operetta of the weimar era (hal. 9). Brazilian black theatre: a political theatre againts racism (hal. 32). Funmilayo ranco: feminist self-assertion in late-20th-century Yoruba traveling theatre (hal. 52). Peepshow death camp, art gallery: the spaces of Pasolini’s Salo and Mauri’s intellettuale (hal. 64). After thought: archiving absence through a practise-as-research production of Xiong Shiyi’s lady precious stream (hal. 83). Postcolonial curating: insights from the connexion kin performing arts festival (hal. 100). Intersections between corporeal performance and distributed digital audiences: Casey Jenkins and remediated artistic practice (hal. 125).

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