Juxtapoz, Spring 2024, n229

Beragam informasi tersaji pada edisi kali ini. Von Wolfe: A New (painting) sensation challenges the use of tech in art (hal. 16). Kevin Christy: Ed templeton takes us up his friend’s ghost ladder (hal. 22). Amalia Angulo: The sly smile comes to the trophy room (hal. 28). Dani Dazey: A mOdern maximalist with dizzying designs (hal. 34). Fashioning San Fransisco: A Century of style comes to the de Young Museum (hal. 40). Brian Chambers: The Godfathers come home to the chmbers project (hal. 46). Jameson Green (hal. 64). Maud Madsen (hal. 74). Dada Khanyisa (hal. 84). Jean Jullien (hal. 94). Bony Ramirez (hal. 104). Deng “Demo” Shiqing (hal. 124). Book reviews (hal. 136). Product review (hal. 138). Pop life (hal. 150). Happenings (hal. 154). Perspective (hal. 156).

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