This issue contains some articles about the visual culture. “The Low Acuity for Blue: Perceptual Technics and American Color Television” (page 118), offers a perceptual history of American color television throught a study of the making of the National Televition Systems Committee’s 1953 color standard. “Rosemarie Trockel and the Body of Society” (page 139), this article considers the eclectic early work of German artist Rosemarie Trockel, which the author addresses in relation to the specific historical and political conditions of feminism and difference in postwar Germany. “Scroungers and Superhumans: Images of Disability from the Summer of 2012: A Visual Inquiry” (page 168). This visual inquiry examines how the dominance of such images might practically be contested by creating counter images which reveal a very different and more thruthful imagining of what it might be to be disabled. More article in this issue are “Face Recognition and the Emergence of Smart Photography” (page 182), and “Crimes, Confession and the Everyday: Challenges in Reading Charlotte Salomon’s Leben? Oder Theater? 1941-1942” (page 200).

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