Edisi kali ini memuat beberapa artikel. The Struggle never ends (The Reflection on the history of struggle between socio-political groups in the creation painting) (hal. 89). Implementation of deconstruction methods ideas in the contemporary theatre of Pilihan Pembayun Yogyakarta (hal. 100). Ephemeral architecture as socio-spatial practise in Bintaro’s modern market public space (hal. 111). The Transition of dramaturgy during pandemic: from staging to streaming (hal. 124). Panofsky iconography and iconology, aksi Kamisan Photos (2-13-2014) by Fanny Octavianus (hal. 140). Typological analysisi of metalhead community’s logo as visual communication during covid-19 pandemic (hal. 149). Protest songs from Indonesia and Australia: a musicological comparison (hal. 164).

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