Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance, Vol. 14, No. 1 2021

Editorial edisi kali ini. Adaptation in Poland: a paradigm shift (hal. 3-9). Sedangkan artikel yang dimuat sebagai berikut. The Polish Shakespearean stage in the post-transformational era (hal. 11-29). Romeo and Juliet in late-communist Poland: deconstructing the myth of Shakespeare’s play (hal. 31-40). Adaptation in the digital era: the case of Robert Zemeckis’ Beowulf (hal. 41-51). Hollywood remakes of British films: a case of cross-pollination (hal. 53-63). (Trans)fusions of Conrad’s darkness: selected adaptations of heart of darkness (hal. 65-86). Liminal hypotext-hypertext relations in selected Shakespearean prequels, sequels and gap-fillers (hal. 87-107). Practitioner’s perspectives. The Other side of me: moving words into motion (hal. 109-123). Book review. Adaptation in the age of media convergence, Johannes Fehrle and Werner Schafke-Zell (eds) (2019) (hal. 125-128). Film review. The Picture of Dorian Gray, Tamara Harvey (dir) (2021), UK: Barn Theatre, Lawrence Batley Theatre, The New Wolsey Theatre, Oxford playhouse and Theatr Clwyd (hal. 129-132). Erratum. Review essay: ‘A Grande Vaga de Frio (‘The Great frost’): The transmigration of Orlando into Portuguese’ (hal. 133-136).

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