This special issue about Financing Creativity: New Issues and New Approaches. “When Organizations in the Cultural Industries Seek New Bussiness Models: A Case Study of the French Online Press” (page 6). The creative industries face a constantly changing competitive environment: dematerialized transactions, market extensionas, new offerings and new customer realations. The study puts forward the original mechanism for gratis content funding in the periodic press. “How Do Investors Communicate with Innovators Such as ‘Geeks’? A Case Study of HackFwd” (page 20). This article describes the discourse of the internet entrepreneur investor, which is based on an actual case: the startup companies of geeks financed by the HackFwd venture capital company. “The Role of Open Licences and Free Music in Value Co-creation: The Case of Misteur Valaire” (page 49). This article examines a business model aimed at adapting to the changing market of the music industry. The author conducts an in-depth case study of the music group Misteur Valaire (MV), focusing on two aspects-the offer of free music and the use of a Creative Commons license-thus highlighting the pillars of the business model’s sustainability.

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