Edisi kali ini memuat beberapa artikel. ICT adoption behaviours of heritage organizations in south west Europe: concervative, pragmatist and pioneering (hal. 4). Cost disease in consumption and spectatorship management: a cross-country study of the value creation mechanism in the performing arts (hal. 17). Overcoming project inertia and gaining project momentum: strategic adaption in cultural facilities planning (hal. 28). Performance measurement in non-profit theatre organizations: the case of greek minicipal and regional theatres (hal. 49). A matrix that encompasses the diversity of successions in cultural organizations (hal. 61). How the sttributes of a museum experience influence electronic word-of-mouth valence: an analysis of online museum reviews (hal. 76). How god and king affect our musical tastes: religiosity and political interest as predictors of omnivorousness (hal. 91).

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