Pada edisi kali ini menampilkan beberapa artikel diantaranya: Submit your art work for a chance to become artist of the year! (hal. 10), What do art directors want?: art directors at leading studio reveal what they ‘re looking for in new recruits (hal. 20), Artist in residence: Medusa Dollmaker explore this artist’s compact studio which set in spanish countryside (hal. 26), Artist portpolio: Iris compiet figures from japan culture feature in the sketches of this canadian ilustrator (hal. 46), 10 tips to improve your drawings: Acclaimed artist Karl Kopinski shares his sketcing and drawing advice (hal. 54), 3D techniques for concept art: Boost your knowlege of colour, lightand volume, with insights from Donglu Yu (hal. 64), 14 ways to create better sketches : Jake Parker present his tips for making great art using traditional tools. (hal. 78), traditional Fxpose: Discover this month’s selection of the finest traditional art, sent in by you (hal. 88), Workshop: Paint like turner: Want to achieve a turner-esqure seacape full of movement, with a glowing dramatic sjy? Illustrator Sarah Jane Brown shows you how? (hal. 88), First impression: Sam Guay: Learn why this New Wngland artist is keen to slow down her painting proccess (hal. 98).

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