Dalam edisi kali ini menampilkan beberapa artikel diantaranya: Regulars Editor’s letter (hal. 3),  Subscriptions (hal. 6),  Showcase Julio Cesar: Vibrant anime style meets elements of Brazilian culture in a personal project (hal. 8), Jon Lam: The pro storyboard artist shares why creating artwork brings joy to his life (hal. 12)  Kudaman:  We meet quirky characters drawn in the freelance artist’s fascinating style (hal. 14),  Yang J: Discover the ethereal fantasy artwork of the video game concept designer (hal. 18), Aron Elekes: The concept artist displays his work from Legends of Runeterra and more. (hal. 20),  Helena Butenkova: Adorable character creations inspired by the artist’s real-life experiences (hal. 24), Evgeniy Evstratiy: A passion for all things science fiction shines through in the illustrator’s work (hal. 28),  Andr?s Moncayo The art director and educator explains why he leaves room for interpretation (hal. 32) Chloe Veillard learn how mythical characters were made for Harmony: The Fall of Reverie (hal. 36), Stella Chen Yui: Why the much-travelled artist’s life has had an influence on her artwork.(hal. 38), Francesca Gaia Serafini stories and characters inspired by a love for animation and the natural world.(hal. 42),  Qiu Fang: 44 Whimsy and fantasy are combined in a series of manga-influenced artworks, Marcus Williams:  The busy father of two finds the time to show us his colourful, captivating art(hal. 46), Wei Ming Dong A decade of professional experience results in a stunning mix of themes (hal. 52), Stephanie Rizo: Check out the artist’s characterful designs, from adorable to fearsome Features (ha. 54), Finding the creative way Catch up with Joe Madureira and his art team as they develop the stunning style behind their upcoming RPG Wayfinder (hal. 56),  The art of Betsy Bauer The animator and illustrator tells all about her career and artistic style (hal. 64), Characters in motion Luis Gadea explains how he was put on an unexpected path in animation (hal. 70), The art of Kenneth Anderson How a character design epiphany led to a dream job, plus advice on creating art specifically for younger audiences (hal. 78), Studio Focus  Grafit Studio A wide-ranging gallery of figures by Grafit’s talented selection of artists (hal.84),  Vela Games: The studio introduces the characters from its MOBA game Evercore Heroes (hal. 90), Mooncolony: Explore the British-based concept art studio’s magical character design work (hal. 94), Next month (hal. 98).

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