Menyajikan beberapa informasi diantaranya: Regulars: Next month (hal. 6), Subscriptions (hal. 8),  FXPos? A round-up of digital art, submitted by you (hal.10), The Rookies (hal. 20) News andevents: How to exhibit your work at an art convention, four veteran artists share their experience on getting started in the convention scene (hal.22), A day in the life of: Craig Elliott, The Marvel Studios production designer tells all about his busy working routine (hal. 30), Providing the power to dream: We learn why Procreate Dreams could be set to shake up the animation world (hal. 32), Recent editions (hal 38), Letter (hal 39), Features: Spirit shines at LightBox Withthe annual expo around the corner, co-founder Bobby Chiu reveals how the popular digital art event came to be (hal. 40), Sketchbook: Jake Posh The concept artist opens up pages packed with innovative characters and creatures (hal. 50),  Workshops: Create dynamic action scenes, learn how to bring your images to life with everything from posing to effects (hal. 56), Composing characters: Tom Booth on his creation of backstories (hal. 62), 15 tips to develop lighting for your characters: Discover how Shirley Tan sets up a range of lighting scenarios in her artwork (hal 64), Vary your detail: Making focal points to guide the viewer (hal. 70),  Flesh out your creature art Add weapons, armour and props to your creations with The Gnomon Workshop (hal. 72), Lay down 3D foundations: How Max Liu builds a sci-fi environment (hal. 78), Learn to build dramatic light Expert insight on creating eye-grabbing light and shadows with Toby Willsmer (hal. 80),  Interesting creations: Nikolas Ilic brings life to his characters (hasl. 86), Traditional Artis: Traditional FXPos?, discover this month’s selection of the finest traditional art, sent in by you! (hal. 90), Capture the details in tactile subjects: Rachel de Mendon?a shares her secrets for developing your pastel and crayon skills (hal. 94),  First Impressions:Emily Chapman, the artist discusses her journey from early Disney influences to life as a freelancer(hal. 98).

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