ImagineFX, Issue 217, October 2022

Ragam informasi tersaji pada edisi kali ini. FX Pose: Patricio Clarey (hal. 10).How to get hired by a studio (hal. 24). A World of possibilities (hal. 33). A day in the life of… : Phil Boutte (hal. 38). Folklore reimagined (hal. 42). Cam Kendell’s sketchbook (hal. 52). Artist insight: level up your creative process (hal. 60). Al-powered ilustration (hal. 66). Photoshop: bring your SCI-FI scenes to life (hal. 68). Core skills: drawing necks: an easy guide (hal. 76). Wacom cintiq pro 16 (hal. 82). She-Hulk (hal. 84). FXPose: showcasing the finest traditional artists (hal. 88). Create a beautiful underwater scene (hal. 92). Anatomy quick tips: simple tricks for hand structure (hal. 96).

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