Pada edisi kali ini Majalah ImagineFX Menghadirkan beberapa artikel diantaranya: Submit your artwork for a chance to become artist of the year! (hal. 10), Tackling abuse in the art industry : We take closer look at predatory behavior that’s hit headlines recently, and what we can do  to turn the industry into a safe , fair space for all artist (hal. 22), Artist partpolio: Sam Nassour The syrianartist tell us why it’s importand to learn the art rulees, then break those rules find your own voice. (hal. 36), Sketchbook: Max berthelot japanessse video gmes and media influence the sketches created by this frech artist (hal. 46), software if the future of CG terrain design lies in the direction of gea (hal. 82), Books: The tetle on the dark crystal, celebrathing ghostbusters and four key disney artis(hal. 84), Paint futuristic portait art: Mel meltion think like sculptor when working with value (hal. 54), Capture mood in your art (hal 62), Create dynamic perpective (hal. 66), Bring texture top your character design (hal. 74), Trdaitional Fxpose: Discover this month’s selection of the finest traditional art, sent by you 9hal. 88), workshop : vernish acrylics and create texture (hal. 92), First impression Michael C Hayes (hal. 98).


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