Imagine FX, Issue 239, June 2024

Edisi kali ini memuat beragam informasi. FXPose (hal. 10). The Rookies (hal. 22). How to tell a story in an image (hal. 24). A tribute to Akira Toriyama (hal. 30). Get set for Vertex 2024! (hal. 32). Artist in residence: Charles Ratteray (hal. 34). Interview: The art of Gregory Fromenteau (hal. 40). Sketchbook: Robert laszlo Kiss (hal. 48). Illustrate a magical character (hal. 56). Recreate gouache effects (hal. 62). Simplify the value scale (hal. 64). Learn to draw futuristic vehicle designs (hal. 68). Draw fast and jot down ideas (hal. 74). Develop 3D skills for concept art designs (hal. 76). Start of with simple shapes (hal. 82). Traditional FXPose (hal. 86). Create an epic comic battle (hal. 92). First impressions: Scott Brundage (hal. 96).

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