Imagine FX, Issue 237, April 2024

Edisi kali ini memuat beragam informasi. FXPose (hal. 10). The Rookies (hal. 20).Tech trends for 2024 (hal. 22). Meet the Holly Jplly Paint-a-Thon winners (hal. 28). A Day in the life of… Chrystin Garland (hal. 30). Artist in residence: Ryan Shi and Snowy Zhang (hal. 32). The Art of Liam Sharp (hal. 38). Sketchbook: Velibor Stanojevic (hal. 46). Design engaging book cover art for a bestseller (hal. 54). Prepare a colour palette (hal. 60). Shape a powerful fantasy figure (hal. 62). Learn how to develop a mood and atmosphere (hal. 66). Convey ideas at first glance (hal. 72). Paint the perfect shadow (hal. 74). Keep it simple and impactful (hal. 80). Traditional FXPose (hal. 84). Paint a blazing dragon scene (hal. 90). First impressions: Boris Pelcer (hal. 96).

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