Imagine FX issue 236 March 2024

Pada edisi kali ini menampilkan berberapa artikel diantaranya: Regulars: Next month (hal. 6), Subscriptions (hal. 8), FXPos? A round-up of digital art submitted by you, featuring incredible work from our artist of the month Mona Finden, Nicole Cardiff, Jose Santaeulalia, Rebeca Puebla and Mariia Bulgakova (hal. 10), The Rookies: Benedetta Anzuini reveals the adorable finish to her recent animation project. News andevents (hal. 20), Should I work in the games industry? Get the inside track on what life is like working in an art role for video games (hal. 22), Take charge of collaborative workflows : Discover how browser-based creativity tool Magma could help your projects (hal. 28),  A day in the life of …Andres Martinez The South American artist works across continents from his home in Colombia (hal. 30),  Artist in residence : Elisabeth Alba and Scott Murphy The illustrators open up on sharing a studio and tell us about their busy lives (hal. 32), Recent editions (hal. 36),  Letters Hal. 37), Features the art of Zezhou Chen from struggling to afford cigarettes to creating art for Magic: The gathering (hal. 38),  Sketchbook: Thomas Mahon a collection of digital sketches featuring fascinating portraits and fluffy subjects (hal. 46), Workshops : From sketch to a finished portrait painting, Daniela Uhlig experiments with a portrait as she goes from traditional to digital (hal. 52), Create animation in a Disney style with procreate dreams get to grips with the new app’s workflow thanks to the legendary Aaron Blaise (hal. 58), Masterful shapes and edges the second part of Charlie Pickard’s series on anatomy looks at two key elements (hal. 62), Make a mystical mermaid Tasia M.S. goes into detail on her scene (hal. 66),  Create novel concept idea : Inspiration is always close for Manh Lu (hal. 70), Learn to paint volumetrically Bring anime to life with Joshua Francis (hal. 72), Design 3D landscape concept artwork : Andrew Theophilopoulos uses Blender to turn 2D art into a fully realised scene (hal. 78),  Spacecraft design aims Find out how Till Freitag uses contrast and materials to create eye-catching starships. Traditional Artist (hal. 84),  Traditional FXPos? The finest traditional art, sent in by you! (hal. 88), Recreate an iconic comic book cover : Adi Granov celebrates an anniversary by paying homage to his classic Iron Man art (hal. 92), First Impressions : Steve Ellis the artist talks about his heroes, early influences and thoughts on the industry (hal. 96).

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