Dalam edisi kali ini menampilkan beberapa artikel diantaranya: Regulars next month (hal. 6),  Subscriptions (hal. 8),  FXPos? a round-up of digital art, submitted by you (hal. 10), News and events:  Finding your voice the creators behind four indie tabletop RPGs discuss the secrets of their success (hal. 24),  Artist in Residence: Joe Quinones explore the comic artist’s studio, which is filled with a host of Batman memorabili (hal. 30),  Features: Painting possibilities four instructors from the gnomon workshop discuss their art and process (hal. 38),  Sketchbook: Jessica Taylor Fantasy and the natural world inspire the concept artist’s bountiful sketchbook (hal. 46), Star wars: visions volume 2: We speak to the artists behind the new anthology from a galaxy far, far away (hal. 50), Workshops: Develop your old studies Creative director Anna Hollinrake gives new life to her forgotten references (hal. 64), Paint a fantasy self-portrait Learn how Alex Out transforms himself into an art goblin with a nifty workflow (hal. 68), Focus on details: Jefrain Gallipoli uses small highlights to create a vibrant playing card character (hal. 72), Design a robot from an iconic Japanese character Roboteer DaCosta Bayley illustrates a futuristic waving cat in his personal style (hal. 74), Begin creating your artwork with a plan of action: Discover the areas of focus that Max Frorer took into his science fiction scene (hal. 80),  Create a semi-realistic mythological sphinx Emily Chapman uses real-life references as she paints a detailed legendary creature 9hal. 82), Traditional artis: Traditional FXPos? discover this month’s selection of the finest traditional art, sent in by you! (hal. 88), Build a story in marks and shapes with automatic drawing Nadav Yacobi lets his brain take over as he experiments with an ethereal figure (hal. 92), First Impressions: Omar Rayyan we speak to the experienced artist about his inspirations and career development (hal. 96).

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