Edisi kali ini memuat beragam informasi. FXPose: A round-up of digital art, submitted by you (hal. 10). Levelling up (hal. 24). A day in the life of… : Betsy Bauer (hal. 30). Artist in residence: Paige Woodward Scheier (hal. 32). Shaping Loish (hal. 40). Sketchbook: Jens Claessens (hal. 50). Design colourful character art (hal. 58). Consider composition (hal. 62). Create surreal zodiac artwork (hal. 64). Guide to radiating lines (hal. 68). Design language (hal. 74). Develope ideas for drawing (hal. 76). Pace yourself (hal. 82). Traditional FXPose (hal. 86). Workshop: paint a gouache mountain scene (hal. 90). Humanise your animal sketches (hal. 94). First impressions: Tony DiTerlizzi (hal. 96).

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