Edisi kali ini memuat beberapa artikel. Matrilineal kinship at sea bougainville (hal. 223). The negotiation of political identity and rise of social citizenship: a study of the fomer female combatants in Aceh since the Helsinki peace accord (hal. 237). City architecture as the production of urban culture: semiotics review for cultural studies (hal. 248). Family intervention in the problem of maternal death: a case study of pregnant woman in Mbojo, Bima, West Nusa Tenggara (hal. 263). Bride-wealth: is there respect for women in Manggarai, Eastern Indonesia? (hal. 271). Principles of textual rhetoric in CakCuk discourse (hal. 279). Polygamy and muslim women in contemporary Indonesia literature (hal. 291). Contestation in gamelan making rituals: tensions between old and new understandings (hal. 305). The Hoax phenomenon in Indonesian society: observing anti-diversity Memes sine 2014 (hal. 315). The Development and demise of child labour in a Javanese tea plantation, 1900-2010 (hal. 325).

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