Beragam informasi tersaji pada edisi kali ini. Bored? Try sounding board! (hal. 14). Tune-Ups: Melvins’ Buzz Osborne, Nikki Lane, Vinnie Moore, Jared James Nichols, Alvvays, Gabriel Akhmad Marin, Obituary, Pat Finnerty, Peter Dankelson and 10 great last-gasp hair metal albums – plus Playlist, Introducing, Photo of the Month, some golden DOD news and more. (hal. 17). Chris Hayes: Huey Lewis’ guitar ace (hal. 32). Television’s Tom Verlain (hal. 36). Nova twins (hal. 40). Periphery (hal. 44). Slade, the sweet, DR. Feelgood… (hal. 50). Hey, what’s your ultimate pedal? (hal. 58). Soundcheck: Abasi concepts emi 7 master series (hal. 73). Cort KX700 evertune (hal. 75). Fender ’48 dual professional JB edition (hal. 76). Browne amplification the fixer and the carbon (hal. 77). This month’s lessons: In Deep by Andy Aledort (hal. 78). Tales from Nerdville (hal. 79). Melodic Muse by Andy Timmons (hal. 80). Live from flat V by Josh Smith (hal. 81). Performance notes (hal. 84). Power tools (hal. 110).

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