Guitar World Vol. 44 no.07 2023

Pada edisi kali ini memuat beberapa artikel diantaranya: Sounding board 9hal. 12), Tune up: Debashish bhattarcharya , loveboy’s, Paul Dean, Ayla Tesler-mabe, Jesus Piece, Drain, Classless act’s Dane Piper, ally venable, Chris Duarte, liturgy, Norma Jean’s grayson Stewart and tha Micheal Bolton/ Bruce Kuick album you ‘ve never heard of –plus playlist , introducing, some semi, vitage George Thorogood and more (hal. 15), Neil Giraldo: Cathing up with pat benatar’s right-hand man (and husband) (hal. 30), Hammock: “We have a sickness-its called Guitar pedal’s!” How to pedals help in this Nashville duo forge their ambient sound (hal. 34), That warm-ish, fuzzy feeling: 10 recent vintage fuzz pedals that ‘ll help you nail everything from George Harriss’s buzz sawon “What is life” tone to stoner metal bliss a electric wizard and Fu Manchu (hal. 38), Zal Yanovsky: As part our ongoing (but rare) series of stories celebrating forgotten sixties guitarist, we explore the life and times of late lovin’ spoonful trend-setter (hal. 42), Pantera goes (zakk) wylde: Zakk wylde tells you pretty much everything you need to know about what it takes to play the songs made famous by his late, great friend, pantera’s dimebag Darrell (hal. 48), The history of aria guitars: Probably the only story you will need this month that mentions both herb ellis and evil masquerade (hal. 70), Mesa/Booge mark VII (hal. 75), Schecter machine Gun Kelly PT (hal. 77), Source audio: EQ2 and Zio pedals (hal. 78), Shure GLXD16+ dual band digitals wireless guitar pedal system (hal. 79), In deep by Andy Aledort (hal. 80), Tales from nerdville by Joe Bonamassa (hal. 81), Melodic muse by Andy Timmon (hal. 82), Live from fiat V by Josh Smith (hal. 83), Performance notes (hal. 89), Power tools: The simple joys of life don’t get much simpler than the Gibson Les Paul Junior, featuring a P90 single-coil pickup, volume and tone controls and a 22 fred neck, the humble junior is about as basic as it gets, but it provides everything a player needs (hal. 110)

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