Guitar World Vol. 43 No. 11 November 2022

Pada edisi kali ini manampilkan beberapa informasi diantaranya: Guitar World catches up with Korn’s James “Munky” Shaffer, Robin Trower, The black keys’ Dan urebach, Bloodbath, A perfect circle’s Billy Howerdel, S.G. Goodman, Lari Bassilio, Kirk Fletcher Leprous, Conan’s Jon Davis and the action packed introducing column! (hal. 19), For thor about to record (hal. 36), Meshuggah ( hal. 40), Machine Head (hal. 48), Lamb of god (hal. 56), Slipknot (hl. 64), Line 6 Catalyst 100 (hal. 73), ESP guitars LTD deluxe SN-1000HT fire blast  (hal. 75),  Reverend Billy Corgan Z-One (hal. 76), Fender hammertone overdrove and distortion (77), In deep by Andy Aledort (hal. 78), Tales from nerdville by Joe Bonamassa  (hal. 79), Melodic muse by Andy Timmons (hal. 79), Live from flat V by Josh Smith (hal. 81), Performance notes: Tips on how to play this issue’s song (hal. 85), 2112/Overture by Rush (hal. 86), Dead man’s curve by Brothers Osborne (hal. 96), Pink moon by Nick Drake (hal. 104), Power tools: The MXR Dyna Comp wasnt the first compressor pedal-the maestro SS-1 Sustainer and EHX black finger predecced it by a few years-but it was certainly the first to be embarced by a wide variety of pro players (hal. 110).

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