Guitar World December 2022

Pada edisi kali ini menampilkan beberapa artikel diantaranya: Sounding board/defender (hal. 16), Tune ups GW caches up with ex-grateful dead great Bob Weir, plus Devin Townsend, Molly Tuttle, El Perro’s Parker Griggs, Razor’s Dave Carlo, Tome Jones guitar 1st Scott Mcken (and his pedalboard), Alexisonfire and Josh Klinghoffer (the former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist who’s now performing with Pearl Jam (hal. 19), How to carry a tunning (hal. 32), When jimi met spock (hal. 36), Polyphia (hal. 44), Polyphia & Steve Vai (hal. 54), Johnny Thunders (hal. 62), Ernie Ball Music Man majesty 8 string (hal. 71), EVH 5150 iconic series 40w 1×12 combo (hal. 73),  Cort G290 FAT II (hal. 74), Fender paramont PD-220E dreadnought (hal. 75), In deep by ndy Aledort (hal. 76), Tales from nerdville by Joe Boamassa (hal. 77), Melodic muse by Andy Timmons (hal. 78), Life From flat Tv by josh Smith (hal. 79), Performance notes : Tips on how to play this issue’s songs (hal. 81) “call me little sunshine” by Ghost (hal. 82), “Semi charmed life” by Third Eye Blind (hal. 90), Shine on you crazy diaomond (part 1-5) by Pink Flyod (hal. 98), Poer tools (hal.110).

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