Guitar World Agustus 2021

Di edisi kali ini menampilkan beberapa artikel diantaranya:  board (hal.16), Tune-up liquid tension experiment (hal. 19), Plus Crypta, Zach Person, Tamar Aphek and as everthing unfolds, Plus Jimmy Brown Explores the Proco panic button pedal! (hal. 19), Beast from the east (hal. 30), the blues (hal. 32), Hill country kream (hal. 38), Guitars greatet live moment (hal. 44), On the road again? (hal.62), Sound check D’angelico deluxe atlantic and deluxe brigthon (hal.75),  Jackson pro series dinky DK modern evertune 6 (hal. 77), Cort gold-A6 (hal. 78), Fender mustang (hal. 79), String theory by Jimmy Brown (hal. 81), In deep by Andy Aledort (hal. 82) The gristle report ny Greg Koch (hal 83), Melodic muse by Andy Timmons (hal. 84), Performance notes (hal. 86), Tonal recall: The secrets behind Noel Gallagher’s tone on the classic 1994 oasis track “Supersonic’ (hal. 110).
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