Indonesia Arts Institute of Yogyakarta Library

UPT ISI Yogyakarta Library is a state university library with an “A” accreditation score which provides several library services, namely circulation services, reference services, final project services (thesis, theses, dissertations, research reports), periodical services (journals, magazines, newspapers, bulletins, tabloids), photocopying services, information retrieval services, Soedarso corner services, and online Journal services.

UPT ISI Yogyakarta Library also provides free hot spot services to visitors in all rooms.

In addition, we also provide electronic journal and online reference services including ProQuest, EBSCO, CENGAGE Learning, Indonesia OneSearch, MIT Press Journal, SAGE Journals, and Alexander Street (via PNRI e-resources ).

Currently, UPT ISI Yogyakarta Library has a collection of 36,418 titles and 60,139 copies; periodical collection of 738 titles and 12,308 copies; Final project collections (thesis, thesis, dissertation) consist of 12,690 titles and 13,875 copies; non-book collections have 6,915 titles and 7,717 units (Source: Annual report as of December 31, 2020). Most of the collections are library collections related to arts and culture

Integrated Collection Search

Penelusuran informasi koleksi buku, jurnal online di ISI Yogyakarta, laporan penelitian, tugas akhir, karya ilmiah dosen, dan karya audio visual dengan masukkan keyword di bawah ini:

Selected Collection

Latest Book

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Book Exchange

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Magazine, Journal, CD/DVD

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Collections Search

Perpustakaan Pusat

Perpustakaan Pascasarjana

Digital Library

Electronic Journals

ProQuest Agriculture Journal, Social Services Abstracts‎, ProQuest Biology Journal, Sociological Abstracts, ProQuest Sociology, Basis data ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center), PILOTS: Published International Literature On Traumatic Stress

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA), Regional Business News, Business Source Elite, MEDLINE with Full Text

Art and Engineering Subject, Education, Religion and Humanities subjects

We stock most of the books and journals published by the MIT Press as well as a curated selection of other publishers’ books in related fields, including art and architecture, computer science, cognition, neuroscience, and linguistics.

The Journal of Visual Culture continues to be a critical resource for scholars looking for intelligent analyses of the visual arts, popular culture, media, curatorial practice and digital platforms.

Contact UPT Library to get username and password. Username and password will be changed periodically.

In addition to the links above, you can also use the Integrated Search link on the Integrated Search Websites url:


e-Resources PNRI

Digital online (e-Resources) seperti jurnal , ebook, dan karya-karya referensi online lainnya

Indonesia OneSearch

e journal, e book, Audio Visual, Karya referensi online, Laporan penelitian

RAMA Repository

Berisi laporan hasil penelitian baik berupa laporan tugas akhir,  laporan penelitian  yang tidak terpublikasi di jurnal, konferensi maupun buku yang diintegrasikan dari Repositori Perguruan Tinggi dan Lembaga Penelitian di Indonesia.

Garba Rujukan Digital

Portal Garuda dirancang untuk pencarian jurnal di Indonesia yang ada dalam basis data IPI.


Katalog bersama 40 perpustakaan yang ada di Yogyakarta serta memberikan silang layan antar anggota perpustakaan.

To access PNRI e-Resources, please register to becoma a PNRI member online at the following link register PNRI

To be ablle to take advantage of the Jogja Library for All Service, please register at the following link register JLA

Library Information and Librarianship Activities

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To make it easier to search the collections of UPT ISI Yogyakarta Library, the online catalog of OPAC ISI Yogyakarta is now available on the Google Play Store.

Immediately download and enjoy the convenience of searching collections directly on your cellphone

Facilities & Services

Circulation Room

Circulation Collection Room

Ruang Tugas Akhir

Ruang Referensi & Terbitan Berkala

Ruang Soedarso Corner

Ruang Pertemuan & Ruang Komputer





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