Ragam informasi tentang fotografi tersaji pada edisi kali ini. The Gallery (hal. 10). The Best of black & white macro (hal. 16). Story behind the still (hal. 18). Two new cameras from sony (hal. 20). Heroes of the sea (hal. 22). Supercharge sharpness (hal. 30). Get more from your equipment (hal. 32). Perfect your shooting technique (hal. 36). Address the most common problems (hal. 40). The pro’s advice on sharper wildlife photography (hal. 41). Total exposure (hal. 44). Light metering (hal. 46). Creative vs correct (hal. 48). Light and bright (hal. 50). Dark and moody (hal. 52). Perfect processing (hal. 54). Revealing character (hal. 58). Poser’s guide (hal. 60). Lighting for portraiture (hal. 62). Hit the streets (hal. 64). Photograph children and families (hal. 66). Edit to enhance (hal. 68). Use social media for business (hal. 75). Shoot natural HDR photography (hal. 76). Experiment with freelensing (hal. 82). Those who can, teach! (hal. 86). Fisheye lenses (hal. 94)

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