Edisi kali ini majalah computer seni berbasa inggris  memuat berbagai artikel tentang: The hottest new design, illustration and typography project recently released (hal. 11), Events: Off Barcelona (hal. 26), Discuss: How many ideas should you present to a client (hal. 28), Creative space: Run for the hill (hal. 30), Opinion: Sian cook on how designers must talk to a broader spectrum of audiences (hal. 34), Rebrand: Vonage (hal. 36), Radar: Key Events (hal. 38), Fresh eyes: Fruzsina Folfoldi (hal. 40), Must read: Vaughan Oliver: Archive (hal. 42), Report: Top Creatives recall the game-changing moments that helped shaped their careers (hal. 44), In conversation: The multitalented guillaumit talks music, videos, carnivals and more (hal. 58), Report: How can you access the creative power of sleep? (hal. 64), Project: Futura’s identity work for coffe band elixir (hal. 74), Artist insight: Hazel P Mason on creating impact with colours (hal. 80), Studio profile: We meet The founder of Kati Forner Design (hal. 86), Project: Agency isobel’s campaign for healthspan (hal. 92), Design crush: Margaret Nolan’s admiration of Fabien Baron (hal. 98).

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