Features dalam edisi kali ini yaitu Neil Peart (Thinker, theorist, introvert, “bleeding-heart libertarian”… there’s more to Rush’s drummer than you might think) ; Deep Purple (The ghost of John Lord and the spectre of Richie Blackmore loom large over band dealing with aging, bitter rifts and the prospect of “The End”.) ; Alice in Chains (What are  resurrected grunge  great so  angry about?) ; Tom Waits (The story of Swordfishtrombones, a proudly un commercial album that brought the maverick artist back from the edge.) ; Oz Rock! (The new generation of Australian band, led by Tracer and Airbourne, who are finally ready to inherit AC/DC’s crown) ; The Moody Blues (What transformed an also-ran beat group into cosmic messengers and a magnet for freaks, seekers and the scarily unhinged? That ‘ll be In Search of The Lost  Chord) ; Pete Way (Forty years of hellraising. A career with UFO, Waysted, Fastway and Ozzy. Millions of pounds lost, millions more squandered… Can this man be any more rock’n’roll?) ; Volbeat (Meet the Elvis-meets-metal rockers who are the biggest thing to come out of Denmark since  lars Ulrich)


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