Ada beberapa artikel yang dimuat pada edisi kali. Shank’s Mare: a transcultural journey of puppetry creation and performance (hal. 1). Intercultural Theatre and Community in Southeast Asia: The ASEAN puppet exchange in Jakarta (hal. 27). The Heritage of Wang Piying Troupe: shadow puppetry in North Sichuan (hal. 53). Tradition and Post-Tradition: four contemporary Indian Puppeteers (hal. 70). Ancestral Deliverance and Puppet Performance: Mulian rescue his mother and Bima goes to heaven (hal. 85). Reviving Wayang Orang Sriwedari in Surakarta: tourism-oriented performance (hal. 99). “Come, You Spirits”: an alternative afterlife to Shakespeare’s Machbeth and Othello, as mediated through Japanese Classical No and Kyogen Theatre (hal. 112).

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