Beragam informasi tersaji pada edisi kali ini. One step at a time (hal. 16). Unseeing leap (hal. 18). What is a “Museum” for, anyway? (hal. 29). Problems of Europe (hal. 30). Struggling against the elements (hal. 31). Race for recovery (hal. 44).Paradigm shift (hal. 46). Beyond corporeal (hal. 49). After the aftermath (hal. 57). There and back again (hal. 58). Next stage: an interview with Yoko Takatani of dumb type (hal. 60). Life in the limelight (hal. 62). Rooting, grounding, and centering (hal. 64). Conflicting cycles (hal. 66). Soft power, hard truths: an interview with Pio Abad (hal. 68). Reimagined histories: an interview with Sharon Lee (hal. 70). Holding on: an interview with Nge Lay and Aung Ko (hal. 72). Decentralization dilemma (hal. 74). With feelers out (hal. 76). The Sensorial city: an interview with Munem Wasif (hal. 78). Resolute resilience (hal. 80). Coming on strong (hal. 82). Elasticity and flexibility (hal. 85). Looking beyond repair (hal. 87). Parallel realities (hal. 97).

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