Beragam informasi tersaji pada edisi kali ini. One on one: Sriwhana Spong on Hildegard of Bingens (hal. 22). Dispatch: Singapore (hal. 24). Tribute: Ashley Bickerton (hal. 26). News: Cultural sector rallies for earthquake relief (hal. 28). Art fair report and preview: back in the groove (hal. 30). Whispering gallery: bold moves, big plays (hal. 32). The Point: the museum of without (hal. 35). Preview: March-April, 2023 (hal. 37). New currents: data-driven dream (hal. 38). Active spirits of return: gost 2565 and exhibition that confront figures of the past (hal. 40). Nikhil Chopra: recomposing the live (hal. 44). Club ate: mythologies of movement (hal. 47). Inside burger collection: Kara Walker (hal. 74). Art directory (hal. 80). Reviews (hal. 86 – 96).Singapore biennale 2022: Natasha (hal. 86). Roppongi crossing 2022: coming & going (hal. 88). The Wild eighties (hal. 89). Phylogeny of Desire (hal. 90). Jaffa Lam chasing an elusive nature (hal. 91). Bangkok art biennale 2022: Chaos: Calm (hal. 92). The 90s onstage (hal. 93). Ma Desheng (hal. 94). Zadie Xa house gods, animal guides and five ways 2 forgiveness (hal. 95). The Space between: the modern in Korean art (hal. 96).Book reviews: To Guide and to speak (hal. 98). Inci Eviner: Movements for fthe interstitial body (hal. 100). The Sketch: Imelda Cajipe Endaya (hal. 104).

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