Guitar World,Vol. No. 44 No. 03 March 2023

Menyajikan beberapa informasi diantaranya: Fugitive blake ibanez, The Smithereens’ Jim Babjak, Andrea Benz, katatonia, Marcos Mena, The Boneshakers, Randy Jakobs, Fredrik Akeson, Doll Spirit Vessel, The Kinks’ Dave Davies, Plus to young guns who are making the les Paul cool again, palylist, introducting, the photo and GW flashback of the month and more (hal. 17), Arch Army: I Love Jimmy Page, but i dont want to play like him, Michael Amoot tell us. “Iam pretty happy being me” (hal. 32), King Gizzard & The lizard Wizard: Inside the strange world of most electic and prolific rock band in our corner of stratospare (hal. 36), Is gas real or fictional? Is Gear Acquisition Syndrome a real affliction or a fictitious ailment coined to justify the urge to splurge? GW investigates! (hal. 40),  Mercyful fate : Mercyful Fate, the G.O.A.T.s of occult metal, take stock of 40 years of hellish riffery, their Strat-fueled sound and why there’s no better time than the present for us to come to the sabbath (hal. 46), Electric guitar’s greates moments: The guitar received its first jolt of electricity more than 130 years ago – and it’s been humming along ever since here are 50 milestones worth celebrating (hal. 54), Pedalboard galore:  Editors’ choice: Eight of our favorite pedalboards! (hal. 60), Strymon V2 bluesky and V2 ElCapistan (hal. 73), D’angelicodeluxe Le Sage (hal. 75), Jackson America series soloist SL3(hal. 76), Steel Panther 187 pedal (hal. 77), In deep by Any Aldort (hal. 78), Tales from Nerdille by joe Bonamassa (hal.79), Melodic muse by Andy Timmons (hal, 80), Live from flat V by Josh Smith (hal. 81), Ferformance notes : Tips on how to play this issue’s songs (hal. 83), Performance notes tips on how to play this issue’s song (hal. 83), Power tools the mesa/boogie Marl IIC+ is beloved for its dazzing dynamic clean tones, smooth singing compressed high gain solo voice and its punching maximum gain mental rhytim tones (hal. 110).

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